Casino Bonuses

Online Casino Bonuses in Europe

Online casinos have reached mass scale popularity and diversity, offering their services to players all the way from the Americas, through Europe and Asia, to Australia and New Zealand. Below you can see the best online bonuses.

Best Casino Bonuses 


What is a Casino Bonus?

First and foremost, the essence of casino bonuses is to provide player benefits that would increase and sustain traffic on any platform. Considering that a casino bonus is mainly used as a promotion tactic with a benefit for players willing to claim it, even the best casino bonuses in New Zealand are constructed with specific characteristics and limits in place. Still, the one thing they tend to have in common is the need for players to deposit an initial amount in order to get a match bonus.

How to claim a casino bonus

The process of claiming a deposit bonuses is practically mandatory knowledge. Most casinos will require New Zealand players to confirm that they want to claim the bonus while depositing, and another portion of the operators might need them to input the specific casino bonus codes. Either way, it should be easy and time-saving in order to fit any player type, from the experienced grinders to the first-timers.

When claiming any specific deposit bonus, there is one thing you must be aware of in order to ensure that you have made the right choice. Namely, the casino is only willing to provide players with all kinds of benefits due to the fact that it will become profitable in the long run. Most casinos tend to impose various wagering requirements on their casino promotions as a means to limit player moves and their ways of using the bonus privileges. These requirements are viewed as the terms and conditions, and they dictate everything from the bet size, through the bonus amount, to the permitted withdrawals of all New Zealand players.

Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions Explained

Before going any further, you should be aware of the fact that no deposit bonuses are also a possibility, but since you don’t invest any of your cash in them, they tend to offer smaller bonus amounts on the whole, with higher wagering requirements. As for deposit bonuses, the bet amount often includes a minimum and maximum deposit restriction – that way, only truly interested players will follow through, yet they won’t do any financial damage to the casino by placing huge deposits.

The bonus amount is directly related to this point, but the withdrawal limits are a whole different subject. They can end up determining the entire bonus type, predominantly distinguishing between a sticky and a parachute bonus. The former is a common type, and it suggests that your bonus amount can be used for betting, but cannot be withdrawn, while the parachute bonus allows players to withdraw the bonus amount along with winnings, even before meeting all wagering requirement.

Still, other restrictions are set in place, often in relation to the game selection that redeems the bonus or simply to the number of times you can claim it. After all, there are only so many occasions you can receive a welcome bonus from a single casino operator.

As soon as you receive a casino bonus you will also be asked to wager it before you can withdraw any funds. Let’s take an example. You’re a new player and you make a deposit of $100. You receive a 100% bonus on top of your deposit. That means you now have $200 to play with. A very common wagering requirement is 35 times the bonus amount. This means that you have to place bets for a total amount of $100 * 35 = $3500. If you place a $1 bet on a slot machine, $1 is deducted from the wagering requirements, leaving you with $3499 that you need to wager.

All in all, casino bonuses are a great way to get players from New Zealand started on their way to making the most of any online casino experience. They provide players with the much needed boost, and often help them set up a whole game plan leading up to a much more profitable outcome.

casino bonus strategy

Casino Bonus Strategies

What’s the best strategy for casino bonuses? The opinion on this matter is split, but below we will list some of the most common and most effective strategies.

  1. The double up: This strategy requires that your casino bonus doesn’t have a max bet restriction. Some max bet restrictions will just say that they don’t count higher bets towards the wagering requirements, and if this is the case, then you can still use this tactic, but if you risk losing the bonus by betting higher, then this strategy will not work. Let’s say you receive a 200% up to $200 casino bonus with a deposit of $200. That means you’ve got $400 to play with. The first thing you do is to go to Roulette and bet the whole amount on Red or Black. If you win you’ve got $800 which will give you a much higher chance to clear the wagering requirements. If you lose, you’ve only lost $200, while having the chance to win $800.
  2. Play High RTP slots: This is maybe the most common tactic and with this strategy your entire goal is to just clear the wagering requirements. The safest way of doing this is to play a slot with a high RTP (Return to player). Some of the slots with the highest payout are Ugga Bugga by Playtech (99.07%), Mega Joker by Netent (99%) and Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix by Barcrest (98%). These days some game providers will let the operator choose between different payout percentages. For example a slot on one website might pay out 97%, but on another website the exact same slot machine will only pat out 93%. It’s very hard for a player to know what payout percentages that an online casino has chosen, so if you want to be 100% safe we suggest avoiding slots from Play N Go, as they are known to offer this option to operators.
  3. Play High Volatile slots: This next casino bonus strategy is all about volatility. You want to play the slots with the highest volatility and just hope that you get lucky enough to win a big chunk of cash which will make your wagering easy to clear. Some high volatile slots are Dead or Alive 2, Dead or Alive, Book of Ra, Extra Chilli and Bonanza.
  4. Look for a New casino: Look for a new casino. Usually newer casinos will offer greater bonuses in order to attract players fast. However, you have to be careful. There are a lot of shady brands out there, so make sure that the website operates with a proper gaming license (Preferably MGA) and read the terms and conditions carefully.